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Silvio Campos

Cuban photographer and artist of plastic, new media, animation and digital art. Work different materials and techniques. One of its main motivations is to create not only a form, but a behavior, to provoke interactive situations where the public-environment object communion completes the meaning of the work. It moves mainly within the field of new media, essentially within robotics. Among his professional skills are engraving, sculpture, painting, and photography, design.

Applied studies

• 2004 Experimental Center of Plastic Arts and Design José Antonio Díaz Peláez.

• 2012 International workshop of artisan photographic processes (cyanotype, dichromated rubber, albumin paper and others)


Pedagogical Work

• 2007 Cultural promoter at the José Martí National Library, professor of plastic in the workshops taught therein.

• 2008 Professor of the “Collage Workshop” in the Burrow, House of the Young Creator sponsored by the Hermanos Saiz Association, for children.

• 2009 Professor of workshop "The Magic Box" University of Havana

Personal and collective exhibitions and production

• 2004 Exhibition of students of the engraving course at the Belkis Ayon gallery in the experimental center of plastic arts and design `` José Antonio Díaz Peláez. Havana. Cuba

• 2004 Exhibition of students `` An exhibition consumes the equivalent of ... ´´ in the Belkis Ayon gallery in the experimental center of plastic arts and design `` José Antonio Díaz Peláez. Havana. Cuba

• 2004 Exhibition of thesis works at the Belkis Ayon gallery in the experimental center of plastic arts and design `` José Antonio Díaz Peláez. Havana. Cuba

 • 2005 XII International Event Romerías de Mayo (Holguín) “Caligari Gallery” Collective Exhibition. Havana. Cuba

• 2004 Design and assembly of the National Festival of Ephemeral Sculpture. Havana. Cuba

• 2004 Participates in the community project led by Cecilio Avilés. Havana Cuba

• 2005 Scenographic and Production in the XII International Event Romerías de Mayo (Holguin) Havana. Cuba

• 2005 Production of the National Festival of Ephemeral Sculpture. Havana. Cuba.

• 2005/08 Curator in the “Belkis Ayon” gallery in the José Antonio Díaz Peláez center. Havana. Cuba

• 2006 Reception of works for the Eighth Havana Biennial at the Wilfredo Lam Center. Havana. Cuba

• 2008 Production and assembly of the Champola Exposition of passion fruit without sugar or na: El regetón. Valley-70. Key West, Havana. Cuba

• 2008 Collective Expocision “Champola de maracuyá without sugar or na: El regetón. Valley-70. Key West, Havana. Cuba

• 2008. "Network". Exhibition on the new media in Cuba, in the alternative space: Valle-70. Key West, Havana. Cuba

 • 2008 Personal exhibition “The other instance of being” Mirtha Aguirre House of Culture. Beach. Havana. Cuba

• 2008 Champola de passion fruit, without sugar or na: reggaeton, Casa particular from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm, Key West, Old Havana, Havana. Cuba

 • 2009 Assembly and Production of the X Biennial of Havana. Works by José Tannuri, Simone Michelin, Jorge Alband Havana. Cuba

• 2009 Collective exhibition X Hall of Digital Art Pablo De la Torriente Brau Center Havana. Cuba

 • 2011 Conference on art with new media, alternative creation in digital media and the use of technology based on art, in the gallery "Factoría Habana" Havana Cuba

• 2011 Personal Exhibition DS-156 (exhibition title) “Art Creation Grant with New Media from Factoría Habana” and the Higher Institute of Art; ISA, Havana. Cuba

• 2011 Collective Exhibition "Essential Colors" Factoría Habana. Together with Brazilian artist Eduardo Kac “Lagoglifos,” and the International Video Art Festival of Camagüey “Tetra Bric’s” Havana. Cuba

• 2014 Kaleidoscope XI International Meeting and Photography Colloquium: “The body and its signs; identity marks ”Havana. Cuba

 • 2015 Personal Expocision “Free Fall” Gallery Origins. Great theater of the Habanam. Cuba

 • 2018 Kaleidoscope: XII International Meeting and Photography Colloquium «The street; the bare skin of society »Casa Simón Bolívar. Havana. Cuba




2009 Selection of the jury in the event X Hall of Digital Art. Audiovisual work


2011 Grant for the creation of new media convened by Factoría Habana and the chair of new media of the ISA (New-media art). Cuba


2014 “Artistic Lens” First edition, Office of Monuments and Historic Sites of Havana. Cuba


2015 First Prize Photo contest: 50th anniversary; Magazine "Sea and Fishing"


2015 XIV International Documentary Festival Santiago Álvarez in memoriam. First prize for the work "The power of innocence



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